The goal here is not to just put your logo on the building as big as possible.

We apply the MacDonald philosophy which we have done multiple times for numerous clients. This is giving your customers the ability to immediately identify your store and associate with your brand at a glance. This entails considering all the various building sizes, shapes, location and positions. Our designers are all highly trained in this field so that they consider all aspects such as traffic flow, the distance the sign will be viewed from and ensuring that all your sites have the same consistent look while they all have different shapes.

In addition to this, our designers prepare the production files for every sign. When they lay the sign up on the initial artwork, they are already thinking of the material and sizes that are available for use which can save you thousands of dollars in production.

When you sign off on the artwork we can guarantee that come the day of installation this is exactly how your site will look, as portrayed in the final approved artwork.

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