This is what we like to call the icing on the cake, as with signage it is all in the detail.
Signage is all about the look, it is crucial your signs are installed correctly, not just for safety reasons but to ensure you get the maximum impact from your signage. Over the years, I have driven past many beautifully made signs, that simply have not been cleaned down. They have been left with hand marks on the face, or had the fixings put in randomly not measured, or worst of all, not had the fixings touched up to match background colour.
Our extensive instructions and training supplied to our preferred installation teams, we have eliminated the things that can truly spoil the icing on the cake. In addition to this, we have extensive photos that are taken on completion, that are then put into a finished file next to the original, approved artwork. Also included in this finished file, is a sign off form, that not only the installation team need to sign off on, to insure all items on the list are completed but they also need to obtain your onsite representatives approval and signature. This is then distributed to the original designer and project manager for checking of colour, consistency and most of all quality before it is sent back to you.
The end result is something that is visually striking and undoubtedly the best investment you can make in promoting your business.

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