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8 Frequent Business Signage Mistakes You Should Avoid

The importance of signage can sometimes be overlooked. Signs serve as a type of silent salesperson for your business. Creative, attractive signage can draw attention to your place of business and can help your business stand apart from the competition. Installing random signage that has not been properly thought out can impact the professionalism you are trying to portray. There are some important points to keep in mind when planning your shop or corporate signage. In order to succeed from the get go, we suggest avoiding the following mistakes some other business owners make:

  1. Making spelling errors

At least, they can erase and write again.

We all know misspelling is an unforgivable mistake, but it can be even worse if they are showing on your signage for all to see! By Murphy’s Law, signs with misspelt words will be highly noticed so be careful and double-check your design drafts before you sign off.  A good signage professional should catch these mistakes on time.

  1. Using unintelligible fonts

There are so many font choices nowadays, beautiful fancy fonts, but not all of them work when it comes to signage. Instead of opting for a font just because “it’s beautiful”, use something simple and clear, a font type that could be easily read either online or offline. For example, script fonts are nice and elegant but will they portray well on a shopfront sign or even on an online advert logo?

  1. Placing signs where no one can see them

Have you ever been looking for a shop and being unable to find it, even when you have passed many times by its front door? Yes, us too. Not all types of signs work. It depends a lot on the shop or building layout. Our advice would be to get a professional to help you plan and find the different signage options that would work best for your building.

  1. Using colours that don’t complement your corporate colours

Your sign must match or tie in with your corporate colours to maintain some consistency – If you are thinking of getting a sign for your business, it is best to go through a thorough analysis to choose the best colours for it. If you haven’t gotten to that stage yet, we recommend you to read this article on how to choose the right colours according to your business type or speak to your sign company on the best way to do achieve the right colours.

  1. Saying too much or too little on one sign

Make your message short but clear: your business name and a hint of what your business is about would be ideal.  Unless you are Apple or McDonald’s, you can’t hope everyone knows what your business does just by portraying your name in bright colours. Avoid doing the opposite as well and don’t try to fit a whole product listing and offers in the same sign.

  1. Using inappropriate material for your signs

Take environmental and other everyday conditions into account when choosing a signage type. A metal sign might not be the best thing if you are close to the beach because the salt in the air may make it rust faster, for example. Best thing to do in this case is to seek professional advice from a local signage specialist who will know your local conditions perfectly.

  1. Putting up a sign and forgetting about it

Remember that your signage needs periodical maintenance, otherwise, it will deteriorate very fast and you will have to get a new one. Clean it up, once in a while and it will keep bright and well presented.

  1. Keeping old and rusty signs

First of all, they don’t look nice, and second of all, they give the impression that the business behind it is old and outdated. Professional signage is not expensive and the amount of business great signage can generate makes it very worthwhile to take the plunge and get an update!

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