Why create great signage if someone cannot see it? We ensure the optimum location of your signage taking into account traffic flow and orientation.

National Corporate Signage’s installation team is vetted and experienced with clear instructions ensuring the installation is completed safely and efficiently.

Whether a minor or major installation, whether for single or multiple locations, we guarantee consistency.

Our team is equipped with the access equipment to make their work efficient and safe. We require our installation teams to provide photo evidence of their processes and completion and run it through our four-part checking process.


Whether you have shop signs, illuminated signs, vehicle signages, promotional signs, window graphics, or more, it wouldn’t matter if signage installation isn’t done right. 

Here are the reasons why proper signage installation is essential:

ensuring safety when installing a signage

Installations of hanging signs, such as those hanging over sidewalks or public ways, need to be done correctly to prevent accidents.  Liability insurance claims caused by a fallen sign could cost thousands of dollars if it was incorrectly installed.

Cities and towns often require professional sign installation for liability insurance reasons.  Having a professionally installed sign reduces the chances of accidents.  A professional signage solutions company’s sign installer should carry the appropriate insurance to cover these potential accidents and has the knowledge to prevent them.


Once a sign has been made, it is important to mount it correctly to convey its message. You must mount the sign on something for passersby to see unless you plan on holding it up yourself.

Our signage installation process involves carefully analyzing the height, positioning, and proper traffic management. That way, your shopfront signage can do its intended purpose- to drive potential customers.

It is also important to remember that the material on which the sign stands is something that is rarely often considered but plays a fundamental role in its longevity. If the sign is mounted on flimsy material that will rot in the rain or be blown away in the wind, it is barely worth putting it up since it will disappear within a few days.

Professional sign installers will use the right materials to ensure your sign lasts through harsh weather conditions. Sometimes, other sign installation companies use substandard materials, and you must mount the sign yourself. We’re unlike any of those. We’re a professional signage solutions company that guarantees our work.


A quality sign will consider the environment in which it will be placed to make it stand out. Not only should signs be durable, but they should also be well-placed since flimsy, poorly designed signs may not be seen or may even be a safety hazard.

In addition, many signs, such as directional signage, billboard, other custom signage, and more, will require a bit of digging to install. Our installers are familiar with all local sign ordinances, and we have extensive experience when it comes to this. To prevent hitting any gas or power lines below the sign, we make sure the proper documentation and information are known.

Furthermore, you may want your sign placed in a certain area. Our sign installers will help you determine the best and safest location for your signage.


Lighting around a sign is something you should also consider because poor lighting can make it difficult to see your sign even during the day.

A shadow cast over your sign can make it difficult for someone to take in any information since the sign is too dark to read. Professional sign installation services ensure that your sign is placed in a well-lit place that potential customers can easily see.


In some cases, self-installation voids the sign vendor’s warranty. This is because a sign can become defective if the attachment or installation method is incorrect.  It is possible for incorrect attachment to cause warping, electrical issues, lighting issues, etc.  In the same way that permits and inspections are required for electrical and plumbing work, sign professionals can also do those.


Our signage installation process is seamless because we already make sure that everything is good before we even put up your business sign.

Rules and regulations- whether local or national, are all complied with during our signage site survey. Furthermore, the perfect location for all your signage (illuminated signs, banners, window graphics, reception signs, directional signage custom signage, and more) is already carefully and analytically mapped out during that time too.

So, all that is left during our signage installation process is to hang your sign and do some digging, if any. This is how efficient and seamless National Corporate Signage’s system works.


It depends on many factors, such as how many signs need to be put up, if we need to do some digging, and if other things will arise. It will only take a few hours if it’s a simple job. In contrast, those that will require digging will take longer.

We need to take into account the type of weather and climate in your area. We need to use materials that won’t rust if you live on the coast. On the other hand, putting your sign in a shady spot can lengthen its life if you live in a hot, sunny area with a beating sun.

  • Your sign’s visibility
  • Proper lighting
  • Stable anchoring
  • Safety

Again, this will depend on many factors. If you want the exact costs, it will be best if you contact us for a quote! It’s FREE and non-commital!


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