outdoor illuminated signs

Outdoor Illuminated Signs

Our outdoor illuminated signs will help your business stand out from the crowd. Lighted signage solutions enhance visibility at night and in the winter.

Many materials, designs, and styles are available with National Corporate Signage’s outdoor illuminated signage solutions. Our team can recommend the best sign option to maximise the perception of your brand, from custom-lit letters and LED lightbox signs to trough lights and faux neon signs and lights.

Additionally, we offer digital signage that your business can use both externally and internally, as well as reflective vehicle graphics that will get your brand noticed on the road. Contact us today to learn more.

What Can Your Business Achieve with Outdoor Illuminated Signs?

Boosted Visibility

It is important to keep your signage well-lit throughout the dark winter months so that you remain visible at all times to passers-by.

More Customers

As a leading provider of innovative signage solutions in Australia, we offer unique solutions that capture your customers' attention and maximise your brand's perception.

Increasing Sales

60% of business owners report that enhancing their signage visibility has increased sales due to improved visibility.


LEDs have replaced traditional light sources in recent years, so illuminated signage is now even more eco-friendly.

neon led indoor sign on a brick wall

Outdoor Illuminated signs can give your business an extra sense of professionalism and convey that your products and services are just as high quality.

Increased Security

Outdoor illuminated signs can enhance security by improving visibility around a premises, deterring potential intruders, and creating a safer environment for both employees and visitors.

Outdoor Illuminated Signage Types


Lightboxes, called backlit signs, are electrically illuminated business signs with translucent panels. You can customize the translucent panel with your company name, logo, phone number, and address. The versatility of lightbox signs makes them useful for applications both inside and outside. Further, we can customize them in a variety of sizes. They can also be shaped to fit your brand. Retail storefronts, bars, schools, churches, and gas station signs often use this type of signage lighting.


Channel letter signs with internal illumination are known as illuminated letter signs. Channel letter signs are made up of individual metal letters that spell out the name of your business. It is also possible to mold the metal into specific shapes to create your logo in many cases. These outdoor illuminated signs can be lighted with LED halo lights in the evenings. Halo lit channel letters are named after the halo effect the light forms around the letters. You can reduce your energy costs by using this signage lighting type at night. Programing the lights in these signs to change the colors or effects is possible.


A digital sign allows you to communicate with your customers through a screen. These screens can be integrated into monument signs or pylon signs, mounted to walls, or freestanding. Many programmable options are available with digital signs, which is their biggest advantage. You can display your company name, special offers, announcements, product images, and even animated videos. Since they function as screens, they can be made in various resolutions and sizes. LED leaderboards and electronic messaging centers are also called digital signs. A digital sign is the most modern type of signage lighting and is great for attracting new customers.


The most traditional type of signage lighting is monochrome LED signs. Their functions are similar to digital display signs but more affordable. A single color is primarily used to display text messages on this outdoor illuminated sign type. It is possible for businesses to only display text on their digital signs in many areas, depending on the zoning ordinance, and the monochrome LED signs can be the ideal solution in these situations.


A pylon sign is a freestanding structure supported by one or two poles and can be double-sided or single-sided. Pylon signs typically feature an illuminated lightbox on top and are large enough to accommodate multiple business panels. A pylon sign can often be seen from hundreds of feet away, as it is usually taller than surrounding buildings. You can customize pylon signs with LED message boards or lightboxes containing any message you'd like. With these outdoor illuminated signs, you can catch the attention of motorists and pedestrians.


In parking lots, buildings, and institutions, monument signs are displayed at the entrances. It provides a welcoming affirmation that a visitor is in the right place. Bricks or stones are typically used as structural bases for these signs rather than support poles. Additionally, they are typically located closer to the ground than other popular forms of signage. Among the locations where monument signs are used are apartment complexes, schools, churches, industrial parks, and shopping centers. Further, we can incorporate a LED panel to enhance their relative elegance.


Neon signs are probably the oldest type of outdoor illuminated signs. There are still a lot of places where people use them and they are usually found in restaurants, bars, and grocery stores.


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