Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs are key in ensuring customer and client convenience and satisfaction in an architectural space. As the name implies, it guides people to a particular destination. After all, it can be a painful experience to look for directions when everything around you seems to be confusing. 

Customers and visitors want to return to an enjoyable, easy-to-navigate, and convenient space. It is not their nature to gravitate to places that cause confusion, frustration, or negative experiences. 

Take a moment to imagine yourself navigating the way through an office building, an airport, a hospital, a hotel, or a shopping mall. Would you be able to locate the stairs, the exits, which rooms are which, or which elevator button leads to that floor confidently? Will it not make you scared of going back?

Effective wayfinding sign design can help people find their way around a building once they arrive. It is imperative to install this system to ensure your guests and customers are safe and comfortable.

wayfinding Signage Types


Signs that provide information could answer questions like "Where is the washroom?". ‘Where is the trash can?’ ‘How do I find an elevator or a staircase?’ Informational signage answers these questions with symbols or by pointing in the right direction. Even at a glance, the language or icons used are usually easy to understand. Many places have informational signs, such as 'No Smoking', 'No Parking', 'Free Wi-Fi', etc. These signs also inform you of the rules.


People who are looking for a specific location can use directional signs as guides. There are directional arrow signs everywhere, including airports, malls, amusement parks, and restaurants. Without asking anyone else, you can use the arrows in a mall to find a particular garment store. Business owners who wish to attract more customers should place their directional signage where a maximum number of people can see them and reach them easily.


The most common wayfinding signage that helps passersby locate a specific location is this type. This could be signages in washrooms or in offices like accounting offices, food sections, or 'staff only'. Your clients can read these signs to find out where they are at any given time.


There are signs that warn people about hazards that can cause damage, such as 'Beware of dogs', 'Mind your head', or 'Wet floor'. Generally, these signs are dark in color and placed strategically so they can easily catch the attention of anyone passing by. These signs will keep your customers and employees safe from potential hazards.


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