Promotional Signs That Will Boost Your Sales

Your business will grow by having promotional signs from National Corporate Signage. We can make all the signs a company can use to promote their business, from yard signs to banners to engraved signs and custom decals. Let us know what you want to accomplish, and we will help you design an effective solution.

Advantages of Using Promotional Signs

The cost of large promotional signs for event awareness can be high, so understandably, you want to ensure they benefit you even after the banners are taken down. In addition to bringing awareness to an event, they also bring several benefits that can result in a tangible return on investment:

Quick to Order

A common misconception is that ordering large promotional signs will take too long, and they won't be ready in time. Banners, however, can be ordered and printed relatively quickly by National Corporate Signage. Moreover, they can be quickly designed, since simple design layouts work better on large banners than on signs with too much text and graphics.

Constant Exposure

In order to achieve the maximum ROI, you must find a crowded area filled with potential attendees. Upon finding this location, you can use your promo signs 24/7 without incurring any additional fees. The constant exposure that physical signage provides is one of its main benefits.

There is also a possibility that the banner will be seen more than once. Your business or event may gain more attention through the mere-exposure effect. Additionally, this will be helpful if you have a physical location nearby.

Brand Recognition

The main benefit of business signage is that you can distinguish yourself from the competition. That said, designing an eye-catching and bold logo is crucial. To make a lasting impression, you should also include your logo and brand colours.


You can differentiate yourself from your competitors in the area by incorporating these elements and communicating a clear message. That is because businesses are often focusing solely on digital marketing nowadays, but ignore print media's benefits.


Another thing people don't realise about promo signs is that they are flexible and adaptable. Vinyl signs can withstand harsh weather if they're installed correctly outside. Aside from that, they are highly visible from either the side of the road or by mounting on buildings.

In contrast, banners hung inside can be shaped and sized in a variety of ways to match the building's aesthetic. Having your promo sign hang unobtrusively near the entrance of an office building would be a good idea if you wish to promote your business there.

Multiple Functions

If your small business is just getting started, a promotion sign may not be worth the investment if you have to put an event date on it. The reason why is you won't be able to use it if the date has passed. Reusing old signs is possible, however, if you don't include the date and instead feature an obvious phone number or website.


It is even possible to print QR codes on smaller signs so interested people can scan the code with their phones. Depending on the event or special you are currently running, the code can take them to an updated web page.



Decal materials such as vinyl or printed materials are commonly used for signage. Everything from identifying vehicles, like the letter on a police car, to advertising business is done with them.


Marketing with banners and flags is one of the most versatile forms of advertising. It is possible to place them indoors and outdoors, hang them from poles and flat surfaces, prop them up on stands, and even see through some of them. With the ability to print a wide variety of images, marketing possibilities with these promotional signs are endless.


With point-of-sale displays, you can create signs that target niche audiences such as impulse buyers. It is more likely that a well-placed POS display will affect the customer who is looking to buy the product right then and there because it acts as a subtle advertisement.


In order to promote your booth at a trade show, you can make use of a variety of signs as promotional signs. Hanging signs, banner stands, and headers are the three most common types.


An A-frame sign, also known as a sandwich board, is a temporary freestanding sign used to attract pedestrians to a business or restaurant. Retail and restaurant establishments benefit from these promo signs because they add visual interest to the sidewalk.



Suitable for indoors and outdoors, vinyl banners are durable and multi-purpose. Often, they are used outdoors under cover in fair weather climates, just to preserve their visibility and longevity. It is possible, however, for them to be weather-resistant if they are hung and appropriately secured.


A custom printed fence banner (also known as a fence wrap, screen, or covering) is made of an 8 oz vinyl mesh material or a 13 oz solid vinyl material. Fence banners and wraps are typically used outdoors and are meant to be displayed on surfaces like chain link fences.


Creating sections within your venue with cafe barriers is perfect for creating a sense of enclosure or securing your venue from natural elements, such as the wind. Alternatively, you can print on both sides of the banner.


Poster Signs are decorative placards or advertisements used to promote movies, theatre productions, videos, DVDs, or other products, events, or special offers.


A corflute is a corrugated polypropylene piece that measures 3 or 5 millimetres wide. The most common use of corflute signage is for political advertising, real estate advertising, or temporary construction sites.


In the right hands, floor graphics can be among the most effective advertising solutions, grabbing attention and driving sales. You can increase your sales and revenue as a result of several significant benefits provided by them.


To communicate information to drivers on the road, pavement markings are an effective way to do so. Besides serving as promotional signs, asphalt and pavement signs also guide vehicles for short-range driving operations and long-range alignments.


Everyone who walks past a teardrop banner will be captivated by its visual impact. So, print your designs now on teardrop banners to promote your products and attract attention.


Pull-up banners, also called exhibition banners, pop-up banners or retractable banner stands, are low-cost promotional advertising tools. Put your company logo and the most important message at the top of your pull-up banner to make it one of your effective promotional signs.


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