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Shop signage is as important as ever since they act as a marketing tool to enhance a company’s unique brand identity, attract passing customers, and assist customers in locating the store.

Upgrade Your Business with Fabricated Signage

Here are some reasons you should get a shop sign from National Corporate Signage.

Shop Signage Lets Customers Know You’re There
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Local business owners must have shop signage as it serves as a guide for their customers. Moreover, a new business needs attractive exterior signage, especially since most locals have not heard about it yet.

You will see an increase in sales once people know where you are because of your exterior shop sign.

Make Your Business Stand Out with Eye-Catching Shop Signs

Business owners always look for an edge over their competitors, whether directly or indirectly. Having an effective shop sign can help you achieve this goal. A business can stand out from the rest of the visual noise in a commercial area with an eye-catching exterior sign.

In addition to being attractive, signage should also be strategically placed to attract as much attention as possible.

Attract Customers with Informative Shop Signage

A business' signage acts as an initial sales pitch for potential customers, encouraging them to make a purchase. Indoor shop signs can guide customers to the items they are interested in. On the contrary, exterior shop signage draws attention to the business location itself. 

Also, you can add business information to your exterior signs, such as what you sell or what services you provide. In particular, this is crucial if your company's name does not immediately convey what your company does to customers.

Moreover, you can promote special offers, seasonal discounts, or new products with temporary banners and window graphics.

Boost Your Business Brand with Custom Shop Signage

Shop signage can be used to signal your brand message to passersby, as it is the first thing they will see when approaching your premises. A sign is the first impression your business will make on new customers, so it is imperative to be well-designed and positively promote your business brand.

A good sign can actively help a business create its persona in the eyes of the general public. It can reflect your brand’s philosophy and vision, and even make a statement about your company’s standards.

A Cost-Effective and Affordable Marketing Strategy

Combining branding messages, strategic positioning, and vital information makes exterior shop signage much more than its parts. As a result, it becomes a cost-effective and efficient marketing strategy. An effective shop sign reaches a broad audience simply by being well-designed and strategically placed. 

Additionally, it's displayed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but you shouldn't overlook its quality.

SHOP Signage Types


First impressions are often formed by storefront signage, so ensure your business has a good one. Your storefront sign effectively lets your customers know what you offer and do. You can also incorporate images and logos to clarify what type of business you are


In addition to simply displaying your business name and contact information on the side of your vehicle, vehicle graphics can also be an effective form of mobile advertising. They can also be accompanied by highly eye-catching graphics with contact information and slogans that take up a large portion of the body. By driving your vehicle around, you can advertise your business and educate a wider audience about what you do.


A pylon sign is a tall freestanding sign placed away from a building and anchored into the ground for stability. Typically, they are 12 feet or more in height and come in various sizes. Monument signs are similar to pylon signs, but they are shorter and meant to display messages at eye level, typically not exceeding five feet in height. Both types of signs are crucial for directing customers to your business, especially if your facility is set back from the road or not easily visible.


Custom awnings can enhance the look of your business facade and attract customers by providing additional dimension. They can also be designed to match your storefront signage, serving as a marketing tool. Commercial awnings can also increase your business's usable space, providing extra seating for restaurants and cafes during temperate weather while protecting customers from the elements. This can improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.


You can choose from a wide variety of interior sign options for your business. From small office signs to large murals and prints, wayfinding signs to directories, reception signs to social distancing signs, interior signs are an excellent way to add colour to your business and ensure customers know exactly who you are! Installing interior signs that coordinate with your exterior signage is another great way to build brand recognition.


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