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Fabricated Signs

We create fabricated signs using various materials, ranging from simple light boxes to shaped illuminated projecting signs. When customers select our fabrication service, our sales team provides construction design advice and advises on the most appropriate mounting and fixing techniques.

We can also enhance the detail of fabricated signs by adding flat-cut letters, built-up letters, vinyl graphics, and illumination. Each of our fabricated signage packages includes a fully wired and bench-tested sign with all letters mounted and LEDs installed.

Upgrade Your Business with Fabricated Signage

Businesses can brand themselves in a variety of ways. Using signage to promote a business and create a brand name is essential. A fabricated sign is a great way to promote your business and communicate with customers. 

Effortlessly Attract Attention
fabricated signs

Fabricated signs can attract attention when used for outdoor promotion or exterior branding. Outdoor signage makes people aware of your business and the products and services you provide, whether it is mounted outside your business or placed on the highways or roads.

Keep Minds Diverted and Entertained
fabricated signs

It is not pleasant for people to wait in restaurants and stores for their turns to pay or purchase. Businesses place TVs or magazines to keep customers engaged and divert their attention away from the waiting time. 

Using fabricated signs inside the store can greatly reduce the wait time. You can keep your customers' minds engaged by placing signs that display interesting, humorous information about your business or products. 

The signs inside the stores are entertaining for people to read. There are various types of fabricated signs that you can use inside stores or restaurants, including digital displays, neon signs, floor decals, and story walls.

Provide Information
fabricated signs

No matter what kind of signage you have inside or outside a building, it is very helpful to keep customers informed. Furthermore, fabricated signs can provide information about daily or weekly deals, new product launches, new promotions, and information about the business or products.

You simply need to display the information on signs, and people will observe them. In addition, the information they provide gets registered in the subconscious minds of viewers without being intrusive.

fabricated signs

A fabricated sign is very cost-effective for promoting and catching customers' attention. You can save money on posters, flyers, and other promotional costs with signage. A good fabricated sign can be expensive, but it can also save money since it can be reused and stored for many years.

fabricated Signage Types


These are usually outdoor signs made up of individual characters. Sign manufacturers like us produce letters and numbers made of aluminum and acrylic. Designers can illuminate channel letters with internal lighting in face-lit varieties. In reverse or halo-lit options, light is projected from the back onto your building, creating a soft glow. Storefronts and high-rises alike display channel letters, which are eye-catching signage options.


A blade sign is one of the most popular types of signage because it sticks out from the building's side to attract attention. NCS constructs signs and mounting systems, such as poles, frames, or decorative brackets. Moreover, depending on your building and brand, we can make blade signs in lit or unlit versions.


Your lobby can have interior signs, such as displays above reception desks. You can choose various styles, colors, and materials for these signs. We can create an illuminated or non-illuminated interior sign depending on your preference.


Business parks or companies set back from the main road benefit most from these larger, eye-catching signs. The architectural characteristics of the building often influence the color and general style of the sign. For the base of monument signs, brick, stone, or other sturdy materials are usually used. On the sign, your business name and address will be displayed.


As the Australian Signage Standards require, code signage must meet certain specifications. In creating code signage for your business, National Corporate Signage ensures it is visually and tactilely accessible.


A neon sign evokes a vintage feeling as one of the most classic signage options. The construction process of every neon sign makes it unique. We must bend glass tubing to make each letter, number, and shape in your sign. Upon mounting the glass on a sturdy framework, the gas is injected into the tubing, allowing the sign to be lit up in your chosen color.


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