Signage Checklist: Analysing Your Business Sign

If we all accept the idea of getting a tax audit from time to time, why don’t we have a signage checklist for our business sign? Everybody agrees that our signage is the most important part of our business, but not everybody puts this knowledge into practice.

Our signage is the first contact our clients and potential clients will have with our brand, and we can’t leave this to chance. Remember: there’s no a second opportunity to make a good first impression.

At National Corporate Signage we have been helping businesses to show the best side of their brands for more than two decades. When you contact National Corporate Signage, you will not only get signage work done on time and on a budget but also a previous branding advice to help you choose the signage that will work best for your business.

Interested in getting a free signage audit?

Let’s start:

Score from 1 to 10 (being 10 the highest score) the following:

1/ Does your signage have a good appearance and bright colours?

2/ Are your outdoor signs easy to see/read by people driving on the road or walking on the streets?
3/ Are your indoor signs placed at the right height/spots?

4/ Are you using your current logo?
5/ Are you using your current branding colours?
6/ Does your sign match all other signage used in your shop/company?

7/ Is your signage communicating the right message?
8/ Is your signage highlighting the right call-to-action message?

9/ Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities you have to display your brand? (ie. front shop, windows, corporate vehicles, floors, etc.)

How many points out of 90 did you get from the signage checklist?

To book a free consultation about your signage, you will only need to send us your answers to, reply to this e-mail or call us on 08 9272 2299 to discuss how we can help you to make the most of your brand.

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