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What Drives Signage Costs Up or Down?

You see, one of the first things you’ll consider when considering signage for your establishment is how much it will cost. It is often challenging to estimate signage costs, especially since prices fluctuate over time.

Factors that can affect signage prices 

In order to determine how much you should pay for your business sign, you need to consider several factors. Among them are:

1. Size

The size of the sign highly influences signage costs. Obviously, the larger a project is, the more materials and resources it requires. Additionally, getting large design solutions consumes more labour, time, and effort. Therefore, the larger your order, the more expensive it will be.

2. Shape

The cost of making round and square-shaped signage is lower because they are easier to make. It is more expensive to produce signs with custom shapes that have extra curves and corners. Often, these signs include logos as part of office signs or lobby signs that match the company’s brand image.

3. Materials

Investing in higher quality materials will cost more, but it is often worth it. A well-constructed business sign with higher quality materials will have higher signage costs. However, they will last longer and look better than one with inferior materials. That said, premium signage can be more cost-effective in the long term. They won’t break down quickly, so you don’t have to replace them more often. 

4. Design

Detailed and complex signage designs will cost more to produce. Multi-colour signage with graphics and intricate fonts will cost more than a black-and-white sign without images.

Signage costs will also vary if you want a flat or 3D design. A flat graphic typically comprises solid colours and strokes with few shades or gradients. While such simplicity has merit, signage typically targets a much wider audience, so people may not appreciate or engage with flat graphics.

3D graphics offer more stylistic choices, making them more appealing. Additionally, they are more expensive than flat graphics.

5. Printing Method

Signage printing methods vary today. Direct and digital printing are the most popular options. Both have strengths and weaknesses, and the decision will come down to the primary purpose of your signage.

Digital printing is generally more expensive than direct printing. However, direct-printed signs do not last as long and, in most cases, are better suited for indoor applications. Signage printed digitally is more versatile but also more expensive because it involves a lot of components.

6. Illumination

Adding lighting to your signage adds up to the signage costs. But, more than that, the type of illumination also affects signage prices. 

Lighting signage externally is easier than opting for internal illumination. You can achieve a high level of uniform visibility with simple flood lamps

It is also possible to provide the desired illumination through overhead throughlights. Lighting up building signs with overhead spotlights is also an elegant option. Due to their simplicity of installation and components, these methods are more cost-effective.

The front, back, and sides are all illuminated in an internally illuminated display. Lighting modules are inserted into the interior of a panel to achieve this effect. We can use LED strips, fluorescent bulbs, and everything in between as modules. 

The process of providing internal illumination is more complicated. Such configurations require additional wiring, electrical components, and other supplies. As a result of all these extra efforts, the product costs more because it requires more labour, time, and innovation.  

7. Freestanding vs. Wall-mounted

Freestanding and wall-mounted signs are the two most common types of signage. A freestanding sign is anchored directly to the ground without being attached to or supported by a building. Alternatively, wall-mounted signage is exactly what it sounds like – signage mounted directly on the wall.

In general, freestanding signage is more expensive than wall-mounted signage because it requires its own structure. If you need more freestanding signs than wall-mounted signs, your signage project might cost more.

8. Installation

Some types of signage are more challenging to install, take longer, and cost more than others. For instance, it is more expensive to install a large pylon sign than merely to hang a banner.

How much does a business sign cost?

We get that you want to know how much will it cost you to put up signages for your business. However, we cannot give you the exact numbers without knowing the specific details of your signage project. 

As mentioned, there are lots of factors that can drive the signage costs up or down. And, these are the same factors that we consider when giving you a quote for our signage solutions. 

We need to know the following to ensure that we are giving you fair prices for our product:

  • How big is your establishment?
  • What types of signage do you want to put up?
  • How many signs do you need?
  • What materials are we going to use with your signage?
  • What’s the signage design that you want? 

Other factors that may increase the costs will come in during the installation. Generally, we need to do some extra work to put up some signs, such as securing licenses and digging. Since we need time and manpower for those, they will come in as extra charges. 

Don’t worry! You’ll get a detailed costing of this once we’re done with our site survey. During our signage site survey, we factor in every piece of work we’re doing to put up your signs. We’ll give you a complete list of those so you’ll know where your money will go.

Get A Free Quote from National Corporate Signage

Whoops! We forgot to mention a very important detail! 

You can get big savings when you get your signage from National Corporate Signage. We are more affordable because we do big projects and we buy our materials in bulk. When we do, we often get everything at lower price points. And, because we want to be fair to our clients, we pass on that savings to you!

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