Brand Promotion Through Fleet Wrapping

You may haven’t heard of fleet wrapping before, but it’s a great way to boost awareness about your brand. 

You need to maximise your customer base to be a successful business owner. However, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to serve existing customers better and gain new ones. 

Getting people into your business is difficult. But we have good news for you! You can advertise your business across the local market with vehicle wraps effectively and inexpensively.

Statistics show that warped vehicles receive 30-70 thousand impressions a day. Outdoor signage advertising techniques such as car wraps, fleet wraps, and truck wraps offer incredible exposure. In addition to boosting awareness, vinyl wraps will drive new customers to your business, regardless of whether you own one vehicle or a fleet.

Why Fleet Branding Through Vehicle Wraps Is So Important

As an alternative to traditional forms of advertising, fleet wrapping is a great way to brand your vehicles. Vehicle wraps not only create a positive image for your company and have a greater impact than other forms of advertising, such as billboards or newspaper ads, but they are also cost-effective and versatile. In addition to creating brand recognition, fleet wrapping your vehicles is a very profitable decision.

Vehicles with brand names can accumulate thousands of impressions daily as they travel or are parked. Over 65,000 visual impressions can be generated by wrapped vehicles traveling in or around a major city each day.

You can now imagine how your fleet of vehicles would look if they were wrapped. Benefits increase exponentially. These are some of the benefits of fleet branding through vehicle wraps if you are unsure whether or not to wrap your fleet.

Here’s a list of the benefits of fleet wrapping:


A bright and attractive vehicle wrap can differentiate your company’s vehicles from others. Colorful, well-designed vehicle wraps attract attention. Drivers will be able to read the message on your vehicles. Wrapping a car with an attractive design is engaging and informative.

Effective advertising at a low cost

It can be expensive to paint your fleet vehicles to high standards. Wrapping a car costs considerably less. Vehicle wraps are less costly and more effective than billboards. Cost savings for fleet wrapping are significant.

Changeable and easy to clean

Vehicle wraps are one of the most notable advantages over painting them because they can be changed quickly and easily. Rather than spending a lot of money on a new paint job, you can get an affordable vehicle wrap to update your vehicle’s appearance or message.


Besides protecting the paint job of your fleet vehicles from minor abrasions, vehicle wraps can also prevent stone chips and minor body abrasions. You can maintain the condition of your fleet of vehicles with wraps. Moreover, the high visibility and recognisable nature of wrapped vehicles make them unattractive targets for thieves.

Professional Image

Wrapping your company’s vehicles is an effective way to enhance your brand identity and professional image. An unattractive company vehicle can negatively affect your brand. With high-quality vehicle wraps, you can revamp them quickly and easily. A fleet of vehicles wrapped instantly creates the brand image.

Market based on locality

Advertisements on vehicle wrap target the local market in which the vehicles are driven. They are a useful tool for small businesses whose target market is the community in which they travel frequently.

Fleet managers can boost brand recognition and build positive brand associations by wrapping fleet vehicles to contribute to their company’s financial goals.

How to Prepare for Fleet Wrapping

Investing in a vehicle wrap fleet is one of the best investments you can make for your company. If your company operates through its vehicles, it might be a missed opportunity not to brand them. Before wrapping your fleet, let’s take a look at a few important factors to consider.

Type of Vehicle Wrap

There are many types of vehicle wraps available. Planning the type of vehicle wrap is important before starting a fleet wrapping project. Vehicle wraps could affect the type of vehicle you buy.

  • Full Vehicle Wrap: Having a full vehicle wrap means that all vehicle surfaces are covered. You will be able to fully conceal the original color of the vehicle as well as create more design options for your vehicle. Occasionally, a full vehicle wrap does not cover the roof of the vehicle.
  • Partial Vehicle Wrap: It is clear from the name that a partial vehicle wrap covers a portion of the vehicle. As a result, part of the vehicle’s original color remains exposed. Although it does not completely cover the vehicle, it creates a strong impact.
  • Vehicle Graphics:  It is also known as spot graphics because it consists of individual cut-out graphics applied to a vehicle. It is often used for simple designs, limited to the company logo & contact information.


Staying in line with your company’s branding is essential when designing a vehicle wrap fleet. By doing so, potential customers can easily recognise your business and your brand will be more noticeable.

Moreover, it is important to consider readability in addition to branding. A vehicle wrap will eventually be used for advertising, which means it needs to be readable. When designing a good vehicle wrap, font size, type, and contrasting colors are important factors.


Although vinyl wraps cover your vehicle’s surface, they are not recommended for imperfections like scratches, dents, or rust. The vinyl film won’t last as long due to the way it is applied and will contour to the vehicle’s imperfections. In addition, after removing the wrap, paint imperfections may become worse. Due to these reasons, it is crucial that the surface is as close to perfect as possible.

Wash your vehicle

In preparation for fleet wrapping, your fleet vehicles should be washed. Vinyl will not adhere to the surface of your vehicle if it is dusty, muddied, oily, or has other agents on it. Furthermore, waxing the vehicle is not recommended before installing vinyl because it prevents the vinyl from adhering.

Let National Corporate Signage Handle Your Fleet Wrapping

Are you ready to get started? Get instant targeted traffic without spending a lot of money by converting your business vehicles into on-brand rolling billboards. Use this opportunity to tell the world who you are and what you have to offer.

With outlets all over Australia, National Corporate Signage provides businesses with exquisite signage solutions, such as fleet wrapping and vehicle decals. Let us help you gain enormous exposure for your business at a competitive price.

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