7 Signs You Should Get A Corporate Signage Rebranding

We mentioned we’ll keep your brand fresh and always effective, and we do that through signage rebranding. 

To identify growth opportunities and challenges that may impede growth, it’s a good idea to review your business critically and objectively periodically. You may want to consider rebranding your signage if your business and brand have become stale, boring, or predictable.

Businesses often recoil at such a suggestion, worried about the costs. But trust us! Updating your signage is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to rebrand. The internet and social media have advanced, but the right sign in the right place remains the most effective method.

So, how would you know it’s time for a signage rebrand? Here are 7 signs that will help you determine!

1. Your brand is perceived incorrectly by people

Despite the fact that brands strive to shape their message, your reputation will largely be determined by how well your branding meets your customers’ expectations. Keep your brand language clear. This way, your customers will know what they can expect from you. They will feel as if their expectations are being met or exceeded as a result.

2. You have a stale branding

Even if your brand is superior to its competitors, telling people about it can take time and effort. It has been reported that a third of shoppers have been drawn into unfamiliar stores just because of the quality of their signage. Thus, keep your branding fresh if you want to attract new customers.

3. You are targeting the wrong audience with your signage

Your signage should reflect both your industry and company culture, so you can engage the right audience. You will not be able to attract your target audience if the signage doesn’t match the company’s personality, philosophy or services.

4. A merger or renaming of your company is taking place

You may need to rethink your signage if your company has merged with another or changed its trading name. A fresh sign helps your new direction become known to the public if you’re trying to reach a different audience or communicate your strengths in a new way.

5. A brand refresh is in the works

Many of the world’s most popular brands, including Netflix and Lego, have undergone massive rebranding campaigns. In case your organisation is in the process of updating its brand, you should not overlook the signage when doing so.

6. Weathered signage ruins the look of your business

 The key to appealing to your target market is to keep your signage attractive. It is common for people to forget about signage after it is installed, but weather conditions can affect its effectiveness. Your signage must be kept in good condition in order to make the best possible impression on your customers.

7. Signage from your competitors stands out more

When your company is competing against other companies, high-quality branding can make a big difference. Keeping your corporate signage up-to-date is important, especially when compared to your competitors.

What should you consider for a Signage Rebranding?

Corporate signage rebranding requires taking a variety of factors into account. Moreover, these issues are magnified if your organisation is national or global. Thus, you should consider the following factors before embarking on a signage project:

Strategic Planning

Get your organisation’s stakeholders together and get them involved in the initiative. It typically includes Marketing, who “owns” the brand; Finance, who pay for and maintain the signage; and any other departments. Clearly defining goals, key considerations, and responsibilities during a signage rebranding are paramount.


What is the cost of transitioning your signage to your new brand identity? Can you partially or fully fund this initiative as a capital expenditure based on the capitalisation requirements of your organisation? Before you can move forward with your signage project, who needs to review and approve your budget?

Signage Design

It is important to represent your new brand in your signage design, material choice, and how it is applied to your physical location. You can handle your design if you have an inhouse graphic designer in your marketing team. 

But, in case you don’t have one, we have talented signage graphic designers that can make your new design for you. They will coordinate with you throughout the process and ensure all your requirements and expectations are met. 

Technical Specifications

Are there any precise technical requirements for each sign, such as materials, construction, and special features (such as illumination)? You can also consult us if you are having difficulty deciding which business signage type will fit you the most. 

Site Selection

Is there a specific location for each sign? How should you prepare the site, what local regulations apply, and what permits are required?

Technically, you don’t have to mind all these things if you allow National Corporate Signage to handle your signage rebranding. We have a site survey service, where we identify the most optimal location of each signage and process everything before installation.

Are You Ready to Freshen Up Your Signage?

Having a signage rebranding will help your business in many ways. It can give you that boost that you never knew you needed and help re-align your marketing assets with the changing times. If you are ready to freshen up your signage, contact us at National Coporate Signage. 

We have done numerous nationwide signage rebranding for the biggest brands here in Australia. You can trust that we will do our best to give you that fresh signage that is done right for the first time. 

If you want to know where to start with a signage rebrand, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 0418 929294 or email john@nationalcorporatesignage.com.au. We can give you a free, non-committal quote! 

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